Are you a star in the making?



October 14, 2016
Are you a star in the making?

STEP UP: Register at Town Centre for auditions and you could be on stage

Auditions for Mitchells Plain Festival on Saturday

Here’s your chance to rise and shine — the DStv Mitchells Plain Festival wants mense to stiek uit and show their talent.

Organisers are holding auditions for singers, dancers, magicians and variety acts to haal uit en wys at the annual festival, this year taking place from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 November at the Westridge Gardens innie Plain.

Festival Director Rozario Brown says: “Last year we had 37 000 people attending the festival and this year we’re aiming for more than 40 000.”

“Forty is a special number this year because Mitchells Plain is also 40 years old,” he adds.

On Saturday at 8am, mense will be able to register at the Department of Labour building in Town Centre where the auditions are taking place.

It’s also a kwaai opportunity for youngsters to showcase their talent, and from there go onto even bigger stages.

“We focus on artists from Mitchells Plain so there’s not really established performers on stage, we give up and coming performers a chance,” says Rozario.

Mense from the Cape Flats are preferred but the organisers will consider all talent at the auditions.

Rozario says: “We don’t audition live bands, we select them from the video clips that are sent to us because we only have four bands that perform [over the weekend].”

For Saturday, artists must be at the venue by 8am sharp and come prepared with their backing tracks on a memory stick.

Rozario says: “We’re looking for raw talent, people from local communities. So if you’ve never performed on a big stage before, don’t be put off because you’re more than welcome at the DStv Mitchells Plain Festival.”

If you think you got what it takes, then contact Junaid Robertson at 021 391 0140 or email him at

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