Apostle ‘heals with one touch’



October 17, 2016
Apostle ‘heals with one touch’

'HEALING TOUCH': Apostle Shanon Webb is a female preacher from the Supernatural Church CREDIT: Patrick Louw

People flock to Maitland church for healing with 'just one touch'.

Hundreds of people say they are being touched by an angel from the Cape Flats.

Every week, the Supernatural Church in Voortrekker Road, Maitland, is packed with mense hoping for a miracle.

And they say they find it with Apostle Shanon Webb who they believe can heal people with “just one touch”.

Yesterday, the Daily Voice witnessed as five people claimed they’ve received the healing touch of God through The Apostle, as Shanon is called.

Some say they’ve been healed from constant pain, while others said God saved them from a life of crime.

Eben Allies, 46, had been waiting for seven years for a hip replacement and up until Saturday, lived in pain and walked on crutches.

On Saturday, he attended Shanon’s Service of Deliverance, and yesterday, the Delft man walked slowly to the altar with his head bowed, without his kurke.

Eben told congregants he saw God during his encounter with Shanon.

“When (Shanon) touched my hip, she asked if I sat like this (half off the seat). I said yes and she said sit, and I sat upright,” he says.

“She said look into my eyes and when I did, I didn’t see her, I saw God, I saw what He was doing through her.

“She said walk with me. And I started walking and it was like walking on water.”

Shanon, who grew up in Steenberg, says she discovered her “gift” at the age of five.

While other children played outside, little Shanon found herself praying and talking to angels.

“I got born again when I was five years old. My dad had taught us the foundation of ministry and the church and he was staunch Christian,” she says.

“I would see an angel standing outside my door. They were going with me to school.”

Now in her mid-thirties, she says she ignored her gift for years, until 12 years ago when miracles in the Bible began manifesting themselves in her life. She did not reveal any more details about these miracles.

She then started doing tent crusades, and over the years “healed the sick, cured drug and alcohol addicts” and even healed the tongues of those with speech impediments.

While working at a media production company, she found herself “constantly distracted by visions and conversations with angels”.

“I was a producer and presenter (for a Christian media company) and we were capturing content for African radio stations,” she explains.

“Every time I sat by my computer, I could hear these voices in my ear, they would be screaming and crying out.

“For a couple of months, I kept hearing these voices, I said: ‘Lord, I won’t disobey the call anymore and that I am going to follow you’.”

She decided to quit her job five years ago, and in February this year, opened The Supernatural Church in Voortrekker Road, Maitland.

Shanon is quick to point out her church’s name has nothing to do with the devil.

“The name refers to the supernatural acts of God, not Satan,” she stresses.

Asked if she charges for her services, Shanon says they accept “offerings” like other churches.

Shanon is married but her husband was there yesterday, he is apparently away on a business.

She’s also cagey about revealing too many personal details, like her age, where she lives and how many children she has.

Yesterday, dressed in a dramatic shimmering gold dress, The Apostle told congregants: “People need to see that God is alive… do you feel that, that is God revealing himself… look at your hands and you will see gold dust, that is the presence of God.”

More than 20 people rushed to the front, raising their hands and claiming they saw gold dust.

The Apostle touched them and some fell to the ground shaking, while other burst into tears.

She then revealed intimate details of their problems, which they confirmed, looking shocked and surprised.

Elizabeth De Mink, 36,says she couldn’t believe it when Shanon pinpointed her ailment.

She tells Daily Voice: “This is my second time at the church and I have been suffering with breast and stomach pain for months now and she knew this by touching me.”

Afterwards The Apostle asked mense to take out their wallets and purses and hold it above their heads as she prayed for prosperity and riches.

For more about the church, find them on Facebook.

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