Animals go on the rampage in new ‘Zoo’



October 12, 2016
Animals go on the rampage in new ‘Zoo’

TASK: Jackson Oz, left, leads team in Zoo on

Can you feel it? It’s that mid-week madness creeping in! But careful you don’t lose your mind, or the team from Zoo will come for you!

What’s Zoo? Only an awesome new show about a whole lot of violent animal attacks on humans that suddenly start happening all over the world. Jackson Oz, an American zoologist who offers safaris in Africa, is our hero, and notices the strange behaviour in the animals and takes it upon himself to figure out why animals are attacking humans. Check it out, Zoo, 8.30pm on

Looking for something a bit more relaxed, then My Perfect Family on SABC1 should be right up your alley. The lekker local comedy series about a teen star and his growing pains is always entertaining. Tune in at 7.30pm for a lag.

Spice things up with some Afrikaans viewing on SABC2 — Andries Plak at 8pm and Mooiloop at 8.30pm.

And skrik jou gat af in the late night movie, Lake Placid, at 10.30pm.

Almal is op hol after a mysterious creature violently kills a man in a lake. Now it’s up to a team of specialists to find the monster with the moerse teeth, before they get chomped and swallowed.

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