Animal lover on paw patrol



November 8, 2016
Animal lover on paw patrol

HELPER: Ingrid De Storie, 57, of Ocean View. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Ocean View woman voice of ill-treated animals.

This animal lover walks the streets day and night looking for dogs and cats in need of help.

Ingrid De Storie of Ocean View even goes into people’s homes to help feed needy animals.

The 57-year-old mom, with the help of The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) in Kommetjie, collects and cares for the animals at her house, where she’s added a R17 000 parlour.

Ingrid has been looking after sick and traumatised animals since she was a child because she hates seeing them in pain.

She started working at TEARS 15 years ago, and explains her passion: “I have no time for humans, the animals can’t speak [for themselves] so I see to them,” she says.

“I walk around Ocean View and see the hungry, sick dogs. Then I phone the manager of TEARS for them to come and help.”

She’s gained respect from the community by not being scared to confront animal abusers, like when she took a Nigerian to court for dog fighting.

“I went up to him and told him you can’t do this to the dogs! I called the SPCA, TEARS and the police, and they were here in no time. We had to take the matter to court and now he isn’t allowed to own another dog,” she says proudly.

She’s seen it all, from drug addicted kids throwing hot water on cats to gangsters using puppies in dog fights.

She says: “Their dogs can be sick, but they’ll keep it because it’s pregnant. People sell their dogs for drug money.”

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