Anger over theme for gay party

Anger over theme for gay party

OUTCRY: Mense reject Indian theme

Mense petition against MCQP's Bollywood theme.

Even before the party started, the organiser of the annual Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) jol had to change their tune baie gou.

On October 30, the organiser of the biggest costume party in Africa announced the theme for this year’s party was Bollywood, and mense were told to dress in saris and turbans.

But the news was not well received.

The announcement was made on the same day as Diwali and angered not only the Indian community but some gay mense as well.

An online petition called Stop MCQP’s Blatant Cultural Appropriation was started on and garnered nearly 200 signatures.

The petition read: “This is distasteful, problematic and absolutely unapologetic appropriation in the worst way possible.

“As members of both the Indian and queer communities, we are truly offended. MCQP, you have gone too far. The gaytriarchy will not prosper. Do us all a favour and fix this.”

The people’s complaints didn’t fall on deaf ears, and a new theme was announced, called MCQP: The Musical.

Director of MCQP Ian McMahon says: “After hearing public commentary on social media about the Bollywood Production theme and wanting to ensure that the 23rd spectacle is as inclusive as possible, MCQP is very excited to announce that we’ve come up with the new theme that will allow for a wide variety of amazing outfits, characters and creations.”

MCQP takes place Saturday, December 17, at the ZipZap Circus Dome.

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