Anger at school’s rule stall



September 20, 2016
Anger at school’s rule stall

DISAGREE: MEC Debbie Schafer

School Governing Body bans parents from meeting on school's premises.

Parents have accused the Sans Souci Girls School SGB of trying to sabotage change at the school following a protest by pupils.

The School Governing Body has sent parents a notice that they would not be allowed to use the school for a meeting.

SGB chairperson William Laurence told parents their planned meeting was not a school-sanctioned meeting.

“The premises are not available for an unofficial meeting. The SGB will be in touch with parents, learners and staff soon,” his text message read.

Parents then found an alternative venue in Athlone hours before the meeting.

Greshen Chety, of Access to Justice, representing pupils in mediation, said Lawrence’s SMS caused confusion, but that parents were now more determined than ever to bring about change at the school.

Lawrence did not respond to media requests for comment.

Western Cape Education Department spokesman Paddy Atwell told the Cape Times neither MEC Debbie Schafer nor senior management had agreed to a meeting organised by outside parties at the school without the SGB’s permission.

He said people were welcome to organise meetings at other venues and the department would help inform parents of these meetings.

Meanwhile, the department has placed Sans Souci principal Charmaine Murray at the Metro Central Education District office for the duration of the investigation, Atwell added.

The WCED has instructed Sans Souci and all schools in the province to revise their codes of conduct to make sure no learners are 
discriminated against.

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