America: more Springer than Oprah



November 15, 2016
America: more Springer than Oprah

UPSET: Media didn't expect Trump to beat Hillary Cinton

Election shows true America.

Yes, I was wrong! Along with everyone else who predicted that Hillary Clinton would be America’s next president.

Many of you have emailed to gloat in detail about exactly how wrong I was.

Clearly we were not ready for the global populist revolution to begin just yet.

Being the most powerful nation in the world, with an equally powerful cultural impact, I was convinced that logic would prevail in the USA.

While I will be gracious in my defeat, I am also left wondering how so many good people got it so wrong.

Does this mean they are in fact the good people and I am on the wrong side of the moral fence; the evil side?

Have I been living a lie all my life? Do they in fact have a valid point that I have been ignoring? Have I been looking at this whole thing with heavily tinted, self-righteous blinkers on all this time?

But it wasn’t just me. I was watching CNN last Tuesday and I was wondering why they had only presenters talking us through fancy on-screen graphics and no

Commentators are the lifeblood of 24-hour news and – for the American-based news leader – the absence of analysts and experts was conspicuous on one of THE most important nights in American history.

I later figured out that they too must have made a fatal news room error; not planning worst case scenario.

They probably had a galaxy of commentators lined up for a Clinton win and not a single one for Donald Trump.

And it wasn’t just them. Many reputable news outlets made the wrong call and were left shaken, looking unprepared and unprofessional.

As the truth started to become apparent, you could actually see the anchors’ eyes glazing over in disbelief.

I think I may have an answer for what led to a twist-ending worthy of Quinton Tarantino; how we spent 18 months laughing at Donald Trump and accepting that President Hillary Clinton was an academic inevitability.

American movies and TV shows have spent the last 60 years convincing the world of what a utopia it is; a place of dreams, cultural diversity, tolerance and hope. I think we have all thought of one day moving to America and making it big in Hollywood.

Or even just moving there, where our dreams have a better chance of being realised and our religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or culture didn’t matter.

The movies made the American south out to be a small backwards place, stuffed with dim-witted, inbreeding red necks whom we could happily laugh at. This stereotype made us all believe they were a harmless, tiny minority.

Last Wednesday, it became clear that we had been lied to.

It was all a very serious case of wishful thinking on the part of the media, who just couldn’t face those facts.

A case of “out of sight, out of mind”. Up until the very last minute, they refused to face the fact that they had sold the world a façade of tolerance.

Even Jerry Springer is scratching his head. I heard him saying in an interview that Americans are now having to accept that it is not really as special a place as they had believed.

“I never thought someone who could be on my show, could be the president. That’s not how it’s supposed to be,” he said.

Now I don’t feel so bad anymore for having been wrong.

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