All that glitters isn’t… engaged

All that glitters isn’t… engaged

COUPLE: Tracey with her boyfriend of two years Avukile Mabombo

Radio host’s ring pic causes social media storm.

Is she or isn’t she?

That was the question on everyone’s lips on Monday after sexy radio presenter Tracey Lange hinted on social media that she might tie the knot soon.

But the answer is no.

And it seems no matter how hard Tracey tried, she just couldn’t convince mense on Facebook and Instagram that she is not engaged.

The Heart 104.9 mid-morning host received a flood of “congratulations” messages after she posted a picture of a glass of champagne and her hand — with a moerse five-carat diamond ring on it.

Tracey’s caption for the picture posted on Sunday reads: “I. Said. Yes!! #WhoWouldntSayYesToChampagne Shimansky meeting in a 5 carat #NotMyDiamond #ButItLooksNice Shimansky diamond #ShineShimansky.”

The Somerset West beauty was at a larney function with her berk of two years, Avukile Mabombo, a marketing manager for a big drinks firm, and people were quick to assume he had popped the big question.

“That’s amazing, congratulations to you Tracey and Avukile, you are swept off your feet with excitement, I’m so happy for you guys,” said Berenice van der Berg.

Tracey says she got a chuckle out of the drama, and explained she was actually saying yes to the champagne.

She posted: “You’ve all been so kind with your words, but just read all my hashtags and it’ll all make sense. You can hate me now but I know you will laugh later.”

Her “engagement” racked up over 120 comments on Facebook and over 400 likes on Instagram.

POST: Ring and champagne CREDIT: Facebook

The kykNET Bravo presenter on Monday told Daily Voice making big announcements on social media is not her style.

Asked if she’d broadcast such news on social media first, she said: “I definitely wouldn’t!

“I’d make sure that all the most important people are informed by me personally and then at a later stage, I’d confirm it if someone happened to see a ring in my finger on a picture.”

And she says there’s “…no marriage plans in the pipeline”.

When someone said it was silly of mense to misread her post, Tracey answered: “Not silly, just very sweet and kind and that means a lot to me.”

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