‘All I want is justice for my boy’



November 3, 2016
‘All I want is justice for my boy’

GRIEF-STRICKEN: Richard Dodson CREDIT: David Ritchie

Father investigates his son's death after 'cops are unavailable to give him answers'

A heartbroken father is at his wits-end as there’s been no developments in his five-year-old son’s culpable homicide case in the past year.

Richard Dodson’s son, Raphael Jacobs, was returning to his home in Thames Walk when he was run over by a Quantum taxi in Manenberg Avenue, just a street away.

It is alleged the driver fled the scene and left the boy’s body in the road.

“I was called to the scene by neighbours and saw my son lying there in the middle of the road, dead,” Dodson sobbed.

“Till today I cannot sleep without thinking about him. I miss him, miss him waking me up at 6am in the morning and playing with him. He was a happy chappie.”

Since Raphael’s death, Richard said he had not heard from police on the matter. Instead he had been kept waiting at the police station or has been told the investigating officer is not available to give him answers.

But police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said the culpable homicide case, which was registered at Manenberg police station, was under investigation.

The Manenberg man, who works as an ice-cream vendor at Newlands Stadium, has since taken the investigation upon himself.

Richard said he has gathered witnesses and spoke to the taxi driver’s assistant about the incident.

“It was not an accident. (He) told me that the taxi driver was speeding and playing loud music.

“He told me that he warned the driver about my son being in the road – but the driver was focused on the music and getting his next trip. He didn’t care to even check if my son was okay after he drove over him and killed him.”

Richard added another man, who would’ve been a key witness, died about three weeks ago.

“I can’t numb my pain any longer. I resorted to alcohol to help me forget but when I wake up in the morning I remember that my son is no longer here. Children who grew up with him, but were too young to understand, ask me, ‘where is he uncle?’ He was supposed to be in grade R at school, the uniform is still here – we bought it before he died.

“All I want is justice for my boy. The more time we waste the more this case dies down. It’s like they don’t care about my son; they keep making me wait when I go to them (police).

“I will only have peace in my heart when I go to court and see my son’s killer standing in the dock,” said a crying Richard.

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