Alexis: I can be a Messi



November 25, 2016
Alexis: I can be a Messi

IN FORM: Sanchez

Wenger has built his attack around Sanchez.

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is keen to play the same kind of role Lionel Messi performs at Barcelona.

Sanchez, who played with Messi in Spain before joining the Gunners in July 2014, has started in 11 of Arsenal’s 12 league games so far this season, scoring six goals and supplying three assists.

The Chilean says: “I like the way that Lionel Messi plays.

“He likes to drop deep and let other players run on ahead of him, like Jordi Alba, Dani Alves and myself, when I used to play on the right there, and then look to find him in the middle again.”

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has built his attack around Sanchez, fielding him as the lone striker ahead of three attacking midfielders.

The 27-year-old adds: “I like getting involved in the play more rather than chasing the ball. I like seeing lots of the ball because I have the chance to drop deep and that means I can link up with my team mates more.”

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