AKA wants his bling back

AKA wants his bling back

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Local rapper begs fans to return a cherished R40k chain her threw into the crowd at the Spring Festival.

An overly excited AKA threw his expensive chain into the crowd at the Spring Festival at Ekurhuleni on Saturday but now he wants to buy it back from the lucky fan who caught it.

Supa Mega also tossed his kwaai sunglasses into the audience, but apparently it’s only the chain that holds sentimental value for him.


The Versace chain is worth R40 000 and AKA tweeted that he wants it back with a passion: “Can the homie who I threw the chain to please post a pic of it …. I want to buy it back.”

He explained: “That pendant was given to me as a gift from a friend…. Please, anyone out there … Let me know who has it.”

People tried to con AKA by posting pictures of Versace pendants but by late last night he still hadn’t got his chain.

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