Africa cautious over Trump’s election



November 10, 2016
Africa cautious over Trump’s election

US president-elect Donald Trump

America's next president gets mixed reviews from African leaders.

African’s have reacted cautiously to election victory of Donald Trump, who has won the United States 2016 presidential elections.

South African President Jacob Zuma congratulated Trump and said he “looked forward to working with President-elect Trump to build on the strong relations that exist between the two countries”.

South Sudan’s Ambassador Philip Jada Netana said as a superpower, the US elections affects everyone: “However, even under former President George W Bush, a Republican, American aid to South Sudan was part of US foreign policy, so I hope this will continue despite Trump’s remarks about cutting foreign aid,” said Netana.

“In regard to Trump’s comments about getting tough on African dictators, this will be put to the test when he gets into power,” added the ambassador.

Ethiopian Embassy spokesman Johannes Al Tamo told ANA: “We will judge Trump by his actions, not his words.”

But in a report published by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in Pretoria on Tuesday, American Zachary Donnenfeld, warned that Trump was an advocate of torture; would cut foreign aid which would adversely affect Africa’s fight against Aids; and indiscriminately target civilians while fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) and thereby increase
terrorism recruitment.

He said Trump, who had no political experience, was inconsistent in his policies and had also raised the issue of using nuclear weapons.

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