‘Abusive’ cop in court



October 5, 2016
‘Abusive’ cop in court

TAKEN IN: Arrest of SAPS member for an attack, CREDIT: File image

Constable accused of slamming a baby against the pavement has a dark past.

A cop who allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend and her 10-month-old baby has previously faced a charge of murder and intimidation.

Yesterday, the 36-year-old police constable from the Flying Squad Unit in Pinelands appeared calm when he took the witness stand during his bail application at the Blue Downs Magistrates’ Court.

It’s alleged that on September 11, he went to his ex’s house in Fountainhead Village in Blue Downs where he grabbed the baby girl by the feet and bashed her head against the pavement after her learnt the child was not his.

He then allegedly ran back into the house to get an axe to kill the baby, but was stopped and beaten up by shocked neighbours.

His ex, who is also a cop, had a protection order against him.

Yesterday, the suspect chewed bubble gum on the stand as he explained to his lawyer, Zamani Gcilishe, that he was arrested for murder in 2013.

“The murder matter was finalised in 2015 and it was provisionally withdrawn,” he said.

“I murdered someone in 2013. It was here in Blue Downs court. I was released out on R1 500 bail.”

Details of the murder were not presented to the court.

Regarding the intimidation charge, he allegedly bashed in a window and threatened to kill his ex in 2014.

The case was withdrawn when witnesses failed to pitch.

The suspect, who may not be named after his lawyer filed an application barring the media from identifying him, asked to be released on bail because he has four children to support.

He handed documents to the court where it stated he has been suspended and his salary frozen while he is being incarcerated.

The bail application resumes on October 10.

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