7-month car repair job



October 24, 2016
7-month car repair job

ANGRY: Rita Benjamin CREDIT: Patrick Louw / Daily Voice

Woman is fed up with mechanic's empty promises

This woman says she’s being taken for a ride by a mechanic who’s been “working” on her car for the past seven months.

An angry Rita Benjamin, 47, from Cafda, says she took her white Renault Megane to Jerome Barthus, the owner of JDB Auto, after a friend recommended him.

She says Barthus told her she would get her car back “within a week”, but she’s still waiting.

“I took my car to him in April, and he said that I’d have my car back within a week as my engine had to be redone,” she explains.

“I was OK with that as someone who does odd jobs said this mechanic comes highly recommended as he specialises in those cars.

“But we are in October already and I have yet to receive my car. I’ve paid him R4 000 already, he keeps making empty promises saying my car will be done next week. It’s been next week every week.

“I have to borrow my brother’s car to get around.”

Barthus said it was taking long to fix “because spare parts for (Rita’s) car are hard to find”.

“The car has been here five months due to the fact that parts were not available, and not seven months as she claims. She has also only given me R3 000 to date,” he says.

“We are currently working on the car and it will be available to her by Saturday (22 Oct.),” Jerome said on Thursday.

But Rita said yesterday she had still not gotten her car.

Barthus did not respond to Daily Voice queries.

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