40 Glorious years

40 Glorious years

CELEBRARTIONS: Morning Glories

Morning Glories nagtroep four decades strong and it's all thanks to female support.

On Saturday evening, the Morning Glories celebrated their 40th anniversary in style!

They had a beautiful event with awesome entertainment, but a few things stood out for me.

At nagtroep celebrations, people are always quick to thank the executive, the sponsors, the members, but I believe the people who actually deserve the most recognition are the women!

No nagtroep can take stage if the mothers, wives, daughters and girlfriends do not support their men.

Women make the most sacrifices.

They take care of the house and kids while the men go to practice. They have to sacrifice food and home monies for the various costs.

So while I appreciate the men upholding the tradition of Cape Malay Choir singing, I salute the women of Morning Glories and all other teams for making it possible and allowing the men to do so.

Morning Glories is a lovely team – but unfortunately they do not hold the “prestige status” of some other teams who are Top 8 regulars and Silver Fez winners.

However, it is exactly these type of nagtroepe who I admire most. The ones who don’t win the trophies, but who are still, despite difficult times, proudly part of the game. These are the teams who deserve respect and support.

It’s also disappointing to see how few other nagtroepe supported this event.

Yet when the “big names” have something, everyone has a table! If we go around only supporting functions and fundraisers of the “top” teams of any klopse or Malay Choir Boards, then we contribute to the downfall of this culture.

We should support ALL teams and troupe functions – for in these tough economic times, that is what is needed to keep these beautiful cultures and traditions alive.

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