36 break-ins in 3 months



October 10, 2016
36 break-ins in 3 months

Skelms smashed door with bricks and stole two cellphones

Bot River crime wave has community living in fear.

A crime wave, which left at least two people seriously injured, has hit a small dorpie whose residents saying they are living in fear.

Gatvol residents of Bot River have now started a petition asking for a permanent police station to replace the satellite cop shop where only two police officials and one van operate per shift.

On Friday morning, two skelms attacked a couple, leaving a trail of blood and broken furniture and destruction in their wake.

It is believed the suspects entered the house by smashing two patio doors with bricks early.

During a scuffle, the man was stabbed in the chest and his wife was hit over the head with a brick.

A neighbour, 51, says she was awoken at 1:30 am by the woman screaming for help.

“I reported it on the Bot River Eyes and Ears WhatsApp group and within 20 minutes neighbours, the ambulance and police were there,” says the woman.

She says after another neighbour was raped and robbed about a month ago, she fears for her own safety.

Mike Jeffrey of the Bot River Neighbourhood Watch says policing isn’t up to standard in the once quiet town.

“About 15 years ago when there were 2 500 residents, they told us it doesn’t justify a police station,” he says.

“With the last election there were 9 500 voters. We have only two police members and one van.

“It shows the police hasn’t grown with the village.”

Cindy Bonthuys hopes the petition will get attention.

“The powers that be are wiping their arses off on our pleas for a police station,” says Cindy.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says no suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack on the young couple in which two cellphones were stolen.

He also confirmed no arrests were made for a business robbery on Thursday where three armed men robbed a store in Bot River.

“An undisclosed amount of cash and cigarettes was taken,” says Van Wyk.

He adds Bot River SAPS management had a meeting with the community to discuss the crime wave, but no feedback was received.

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