13 die in bus crash



October 17, 2016
13 die in bus crash

CHAOS: Paramedics on the scene outside Touws River

Driver and 12 long distance passengers perished when the bus overturned.

Thirteen people, including four children, died after a long distance bus overturned on the N1 just outside Touws River yesterday.

The accident occurred at 2am about 10 kilometres outside of the town.

The DMJ bus was found lying on its side, with its trailer still attached.

ER24’s Werner Vermaak says paramedics described the scene as “chaotic” as they found several people scattered across the road’s surface.

“It is understood that several people were ejected from the bus as it overturned,” he explains.

“Upon further assessment, paramedics found that 31 patients were already removed to nearby facilities by local emergency services.

“At least 20 others were still found on the scene with various injuries.

“Some of the people were trapped inside of the overturned bus. Paramedics and firefighters were extricating critically injured patients from the bus well after 5am this morning.

Earlier reports indicated that nine people had died but the death toll rose to 13.

Western Cape Traffic Chief Kenny Africa says among the deceased was four children, and nine adults including the driver.

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