12 years jail for murder



November 14, 2016
12 years jail for murder

FREE: Martin "Otter" Heskwa

Man, 34, sentenced for 2012 murder.

A gang member who has been behind bars for several years has finally been sentenced for a cold-blooded murder that happened nearly five years ago.

Junior Cisko Yakkies (JCY) gang member Jonathan Arendse, 34, was sentenced in the Worcester Magistrates’ Court last week to 12 years in the tjoekie for stabbing a man to death in February 2012.

Four of the 12 years have been suspended for five years.

Three other suspects were acquitted of the murder charges, where the deceased was found in a pool of blood.

Police have welcomed the “lengthy sentence”.

Meanwhile, Arendse faces another murder charge in connection with the gruesome death of Andries Jaars in Breederivier Correctional Centre in Worcester in July 2013.

He and several others including alleged JCY second in command Martin “Otter” Heskwa were accused of torturing Jaars’ to death in a prison cell.

Jerome Booysen, Reese Lakay and Randal Jansen were sentenced last year to 35 years for their part in the Jaars murder, while Jakobus Hendricks, Michael Parker and Joachim Dudley each got eight years of which five years were suspended. Charges against Heskwa were later withdrawn.

Arendse and three others are still on trial in the Khayelitsha Priority Crimes Court for Jaars’ murder. Their next court appearance will be on 29 November.

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